Updated Heat/Power Framework

At the core of my research project is my framework for where power is, who has it and how it is enacted within the heat policy/regulation arena. I’ve produced the diagram below because it’s good to visualise how this all fits in the multi level perspective approach to understanding transitions and everyone likes a nice picture.
I’ve waited to the second version to share this and it is very much a work in progress…..in fact part of my thesis will be looking at whether this actually makes any sense and if power is even important. I hope it shows fairly clearly what I mean by power in real life and who has it and how it is enacted but I’ve added some annotations in green.
The landscape level which is the top layer of the MLP is the most difficult to understand from a power perspective because no-one really knows how to define it and discussions I have had have made it clear that there are close connections between the regime and landscape level and separating the two is difficult.
So here it is:

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