I’ve lived in the UK for all of my life, and now reside in Falmouth, Cornwall, in the UK’s far Southwest. I’m passionate about clean energy and have been working on the topic since 2009. I specialise in heating, focusing on policy and regulation to support clean heating and efficient buildings. Following a short stint at SSE, I worked for UK gas distributor SGN leading their work on energy policy and the future of heating. I then moved into academia to complete a PhD in the development of clean heating policy in the UK and the Netherlands within the University of Exeter’s Energy Policy Group.

Since 2021, I spend most of my time working for RAP but do some work with the University of Exeter on Cooling. I also help the Scottish Government as a non-executive director on their ‘Heat in Buildings Programme Board’ and occasionally support Fully Charged with the heating and building content of their video content and live shows.

For full transparency, my income sources since 2010 are listed here.

Outside of work I enjoy a life of dog walking, surfing and cycling if the weather is good enough. I live in a fully insulated terraced house with a heat pump and solar panels, which I and my partner renovated.

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